What is Feel Better Kids?

Feel Better Kids is a not-for-profit children's charity whose primary mission is to help children who are seriously ill or disabled. For the past nine years, FBK has helped hundreds of children suffering from debilitating illnesses lead a better quality of life. With the growing number of unemployed and underinsured families, FBK is a beacon of hope for many families that have no place to turn.

Our Mission:

We provide children from low to moderate-income families, suffering from debilitating illnesses, the vital medical resources not covered by state programs and private insurance. These resources include physical therapy to improve their motor and cognitive skills, specialized medical equipment to improve their mobility, pharmaceutical goods, transportation to and from medical visits, vaccines, and additional office visits which their families are unable to afford.

In addition, Feel Better Kids provides families the necessary Advocacy Supports that teach them about many other programs that will improve the quality of life for their children.

What Makes Feel Better Kids Unique?

Feel Better Kids is not a disease specific organization but rather opens its doors to all children no matter what their illnesses.

How Do I Contact Feel Better Kids?

Call us at 1.516.425.4304, email us at info@feelbetterkids.org, or fill out our contact form